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By Steven Dahlman

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TitleTime frameUpdated
2A blank slate18711-Jun-14
3Slowing the suburban exodus1945-591-Jun-14
4Bertrand Goldberg’s meandering path to Marina City1913-592-Jun-14
5Planning begins19595-Jun-14
6A brief history of 300 North State Street19th & Early 20th Century8-Jun-14
7The shape of things to come195911-Jun-14
8$2.5 million buys the lot and railroad tracks195910-Jun-14
9A mixed-use laboratory196018-Jun-14
10Paying for Marina City196015-Jun-14
12Laying the foundation1960-6116-Jun-14
13Marina City starts to rise196121-Jun-14
14$5 million for two garages1961-6423-Jun-14
1543-story plunge1961-6623-Jun-14
16The 16-story fence1961-6324-Jun-14
17Topping out196125-Jun-14
18Tower on top of tower1961-6425-Jun-14
19Clarence Ekstrom, McHugh Project Manager1960-6226-Jun-14
20Mock-ups and models1961-6326-Jun-14
21First fires, and Marina City sinks its first bridge1962-6328-Sep-14
22The world anxiously waits196229-Jun-14
23Seven injured in second accident196228-Jun-14
24Banking on Marina City1962-6429-Jun-14
25Another worker falls1962-6330-Jun-14
26National Design Center signs lease1962-6429-Jun-14
27Moving Day1962-6330-Jun-14
28Star map buried19621-Jul-14
29The pioneers19637-Jul-14
30Desperate burglars steal doorknobs196328-Sep-14
31Hilton signs on to run the first restaurant1963-656-Jul-14
32Marina City’s theatrical flourish1963-686-Jul-14
33The incredible shrinking marina1963-647-Jul-14
34Closer Look: The Teleview Teller19647-Jul-14
35Battle for control of Marina City19649-Nov-14
36From Marina City1964-6529-Sep-14
37Meet Mike Kobluk: Former Marina City resident and voice of a generation1964-659-Nov-14
38The executive board decides19649-Nov-14
39Marina City Promenade196410-Nov-14
40Marina City stars in its first movie1964-6528-Sep-14
41Mickey One1964-6510-Jul-14
42Station of Tomorrow1964-6610-Nov-14
43“Downtown at Marina City, it’s 30 degrees at WCFL”Late 196421-May-11
44Life in the round - 1964 Ebony pictorialNovember 196421-May-11
45Dinner this Evening at Marina City RestaurantsNovember 196414-Oct-11
46Bertrand Goldberg on the architect, in his own voiceDecember 196415-Jan-13
47Marina City strikes deal for bowling alleyDecember 196425-Sep-11
48Meet Earl Meech, Original ResidentMid 1960s22-May-11
49Property taxes in 1964 and 2007196422-May-11
50“Things to see and do at Marina City”Late 196427-Nov-11
51Explosion of The UnbearablesOctober 19656-Jun-11
52Polyphony IINovember 196528-Oct-12
53Richard Hauff, Marina City resident and a “friend of ours”November 19656-Jun-11
54Murray The Camel collapses at Marina CityNovember 196527-Nov-11
55You Live Better ElectricallyDecember 19657-Dec-11
56Ten-year-old boat thief foiled before reaching ClevelandDecember 196513-Jun-11
57Flying down with the garbage196622-Feb-13
581966 map puts the “City” in Marina City196627-Nov-11
59Marina City: The BrochureJanuary 196621-Jan-13
60Skating around Marina City196611-Dec-11
61Bingo! Police!March 196711-Jul-11
62On the cover of National GeographicJune 196715-Jul-11
63Parking boss pleads the fifthNovember 196711-Jul-11
64Calculated move by UnivacNovember 196711-Jul-11
65The singing treeDecember 196717-Jul-11
66Marina City’s first murderJanuary 19699-Sep-11
671969 Life PhotoApril 196917-Jul-11
68The lobby of tomorrowJune 196921-Jan-13
69Join us at Marina City for true bourbon196929-Apr-13
70Bob Gibson’s demonsAugust 196917-Jul-11
71Back safe from VietnamAugust 19694-Jan-12
72Braless FridaySeptember 196912-Aug-11
73Sad, strange tumbles from towersLate 1960s – Mid 1970s27-Nov-11
74Marina CinemasSeptember 197027-Nov-11
75Tax scandal of 1970October 197028-Aug-11
76Central Cold Storage WarehouseApril 197128-Oct-12
77Marina City boat burnsAugust 197213-Oct-11
78Marina City Bank robberyApril 197228-Aug-11
79Fore!May 197228-Aug-11
80Happy times, happy people197228-Aug-11
81Who killed Gloria?May 197218-Jun-12
82Racing past Apeco MarinaAugust 197428-Nov-11
83Jose Martinez walks from west tower to east towerNovember 197524-Nov-12
84Retired Navy diver drowns. Police are suspicious.April 19769-Sep-11
85Sweaty burglar spills the keysDecember 197627-Nov-11
86The end is coming: Marina City goes condoSeptember 197729-Nov-11
87William Goodstein, first condo association president19775-Jul-12
88On the menu in 1978 at Viennese Coffee Shop197816-Aug-13
89Fire at the bowling alleyDecember 197825-Sep-11
90Welcome to Marina City. Don’t forget where you parked.September 197925-Sep-11
91Marina City NewsApril 198026-Sep-11
92“A police officer has been shot”June 198110-Aug-13
931981 PM Magazine videoJuly 19811-Nov-11
94Trouble on the State Street BridgeAugust 198127-Nov-11
95Marina City Bank and resident robbedMarch 198327-Nov-11
96“Fast Eddie” sells his condo collectionJuly 198327-Nov-11
97WFLD moves onOctober 198426-Oct-11
98Nothing In Common1985-8626-Oct-11
99Dear Mr. TarkingtonApril 198816-Jan-12
100Bankrupt commercial owners forced to sellNovember 198824-Oct-11
101Bankruptcy case 88-17840November 19889-Jan-12
102Meet Ilene F. Goldstein, Marina City’s bankruptcy trustee1988-199315-Aug-12
103A post-modern messJune 199027-Nov-11
104Marina City apartment converted to “weapons bunker”May 199111-Dec-11
105Escaped rape suspect caughtMay 199127-Oct-11
106“A seedy, crumbling wreck”September 19926-Jul-12
107Residents help down-on-its-luck neighborOctober 199228-Nov-11
108Luck starts to change1992-9417-Jul-12
109A new gateway to Marina City19936-Jul-12
110“We’re going to electrify the city with this”September 199510-Feb-12
111Nancy Goldberg, restaurateurNovember 199621-Feb-12
112Bertrand Goldberg, architectOctober 199720-Feb-12
113New use for the skating rinkJuly 199721-Feb-13
114RenaissanceOctober 199711-Mar-12
115Loud neighbors with a liquor licenseNovember 19982-Apr-12
116Mark sues HOB over cost overrunsOctober 20012-Apr-12
117Toast of the TowersMay 20032-Apr-12
118Shoeboxes full of money2006-20111-May-12
119Hotel for sale. Garage included.20063-May-12
120The flying car stunt, take twoOctober 20064-Jun-12
121Candle blamed for small fireApril 200610-Jun-12
122Geoffrey Goldberg200810-Sep-12
123Howard Swibel: My mother chose the name “Marina City”200810-Jun-12
124Famous Marina City residentsGeneral07-Aug-13
125Important dates in Marina City historyGeneral21-Jan-13
126Who built Marina City?General15-Oct-11
127Central City PlanApril 196029-Sep-12
128This Is Marina City1961-6313-Feb-12
129Dans La VilleEarly 1960s15-Oct-11
130Marina City’s ubiquitous eight-sided columns196112-May-13
131Photo: Columbus Day Parade 1961October 19614-Jul-12
132Broadcast tower blueprintsOctober 196224-Sep-12
1331963 rent paid in 2011 dollars196328-Mar-11
134Artifacts of daily life at Marina CityMid 1960s18-Jun-12
135Light reading for prospective tenantsEarly 1960s1-Apr-11
136Marina City entices air travelers and poster collectors 1963-659-Apr-11
1371963 Popular Science article on Marina CityApril 19639-Apr-11
1381963 project would have given Marina City serious competitionApril 19639-Apr-11
139Postcards from Marina City1963-6411-Nov-11

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