By Steven Dahlman

Frank Annunzio, Egon Weiner and Polyphony II

Polyphony II

Austrian sculptor Egon Weiner (1906-1987) created Polyphony II to symbolize the rhythm and motion of a conductor’s baton as he directs an orchestra. Made of bronze, the 12-foot sculpture with a cylindrical base was dedicated November 1, 1965 on the plaza level of Marina City, just above the ice skating rink.

About 20 people attended the dedication ceremony, including Weiner (right in photo), U.S. Congressman Frank Annunzio (1915-2001, left in photo), and city planning commissioner Ira Bach.

The sculpture (right) is currently located near the front entrance to Saint Joseph Hospital on North Lake Shore Drive.

(Above) Annunzio, Weiner, and Polyphony II at Marina City on November 1, 1965. This view from the plaza level is looking southwest toward Dearborn Street and Wacker Drive. (Click on image to view larger version.)

Polyphony II

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